Boston Fencing Club has been in existence since 1858, we are a non for profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to teaching the Olympic sport of fencing to fencers of all ages and skill levels.

Boston Fencing Club will be hosting the fourth BFC Youth Series on May 9-10!  Register at!

Congratulations to Peter Souders for his Gold Medal in the Men's Sabre Team Event of the Pan-American Games! For more details see the blog post below

Our Pre-Nationals Clinic is now open for Registration!

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Boston Fencing Club is proudly sponsored by Blue Gauntlet Fencing. You can purchase Blue Gauntlet fencing equipment directly through the club or via the Blue Gauntlet Fencing website by clicking here

Congratulations to BFC's Recent Medalists:

Women's Foil
Cassandra Navalta: Silver Medal- Div 2 NAC, Milwaukee, WI

Women's Epee
Deika Albert: 7th Place- Div 2/3 Summer National qualifiers

Men's Epee:
Gethin Binns: 7th Place- Div 2/3 Summer National qualifiers
Chris Picard: Silver Medal- Div 2 NAC, Milwaukee, WI

Women's Sabre:
Yasemin Ersen: Bronze Medal- Div 3 NAC, Reno, NV
Katherine Kempe: 45th- Seoul WS Grand Prix

Men's Sabre:
Eric Zhang: 7th Place- Dean Alexander Memorial Div 1A ROC
Ben Slavin: Silver Medal- Cadet Men's Sabre, Capitol Clash SYC
Peter Souders: 6th Place- Div 1 National Championships, Reno, NV
Peter Souders: 64th- Seoul MS Grand Prix

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